Black and White

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Jumpsuit: SABA | T-shirt: Topshop | Shoes: Mr & Mare | Earrings: Curated Wholesale


This halterneck jumpsuit has become a favourite of mine. I love to layer it with a slightly flowy white t-shirt to contrast with the black and I love how it sits, making look like a two piece from the back. The jumpsuit itself is incredibly comfortable and loose-fitting, perfect for chill nights out or festivals!

Stylenanda Haul

I discovered Stylenanda a couple months back and finally got around to ordering some pieces. Not only is it a great site to scroll through with beautifully taken pictures, the clothes are really unique and interesting. So I thought I’d share a few things that I picked up!


Oversized Tees

I saw these graphic tees on the site and had to pick them up. They have a fantastic relaxed fit and I love the words on them!



The brown pair are a really soft, almost fur material which I thought would be perfect for winter days at uni. And the black pants have a really interesting slit about a third of the way up both legs which I thought would be great for a night out.


Wide Fit Shirt

This shirt is a perfect staple in the wardrobe. I think a few shirts are necessary in my collection and this one was a bit different with the wide fit and asymmetrical design.


Longline Hoodie

This was definitely the weird item of the purchase. It is an incredibly longline hoodie (below my knees) and quite heavy. I envisioned it being worn with fishnets and boots so I will have to see how that goes!


I highly recommend checking out the site!

Leah x

January Favourites

Starboy by The Weeknd

I think I have been listening to this album non-stop since it came out so it definitely had to be in my favourites. I love the RnB beats and his voice is just beautiful! It’s generally quite a mellow album, I love listening to it while I’m driving.


Red Eyeshadow

I recently made an order from Colourpop and purchased a deep red eyeshadow to make a smokey red eye. I was inspired by Lindseyrem‘s ‘wearable dead’ look and have now been wearing the look every time I go out. The eyeshadow itself is very creamy and pigmented and incredibly easy to apply.



Fishnets have recently become very popular and I have loved this trend. I love wearing fishnets with basically anything, I just think it adds a really cool element to your outfit. Particularly if they are an interesting colour!


Y-3 Platforms

I recently purchased some secondhand Y-3 Platform shoes and have fallen in love with them. They are the weirdest and probably the least wearable shoes I own but I was compelled to buy them because of their uniqueness.


DIY Clothes

Years ago I took a fashion class in high school and fell in love with sewing and clothes design. And recently I have gotten back into designing and making some clothes. Buying vintage items and changing them up or designing and making items from scratch has definitely been a favourite activity from this month!


TV: A Series of Unfortunate Events and Jane the Virgin

Two TV series I have finished recently have been A Series of Unfortunate Events and Jane the Virgin. There couldn’t be two more different shows but they both were very entertaining. Neil Patrick Harris killed it as Count Olaf in A Series of Unfortunate Events. I loved the whole look of the show with it’s kind of distorted, dark reality. It really reminded me of the dark style of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. Jane the Virgin was just a lighthearted drama/comedy which was really fun to relax to and watch. I particularly liked the telanovela style of the show and Gina Rodriguez is hilarious!


Leah x

Leather Skirt

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Top: The Ragged Priest | Singlet: Kookai | Skirt: Topshop (UK) | Shoes: Nike | Choker: Camberwell Markets


This leather skirt from Topshop has to be one of my favourite pieces to wear out. It has a really nice shape, isn’t too short and has the added elements of the silver zips and buckle. I love to pair it with a softer colour on top for an interesting contrast!

Designer Dupes

While I think that buying good quality, sometimes more expensive pieces can be a good investment, some items are just never going to be in my price range.

So here are some cheaper alternatives to some popular items that I love!


Stuart Weitzman | Highland Boot

The Highland Boot from Stuart Weitzman has been crazy popular over winter. However, with a price tag of $1056, these are way out of reach for me. This pair from Betts Shoes, the Seduce, is almost identical. They have a similar heel shape and same tie detail at the top for a fraction of the price. You can pick up this pair for $139.99, saving a massive $916!


Dior | So Real Sunglasses

The Dior So Real Sunglasses are some of the most beautiful sunglasses I have ever seen but are crazy expensive ($600-$700 depending on colour). Many other brands have copied the bridge style and I have found two alternatives that have a similar style to the So Real Sunglasses without the designer price tag.

These identical-looking Bridgeless Arch Brow Bar Sunglasses from F.A.S.O.C are a steal at $18. I think it’s safe to say you won’t be getting the same quality as the Dior originals but if you’re just after a cheap pair with the same look, these are a perfect way to go!


Puma x Rihanna Fenty | Creepers

The Puma X Rihanna Fenty Creeper Trainers In Black have been crazy popular and sold out in no time at all. But with a price tag starting at $173, in my opinion, they are way overpriced. These Satin Lace Up Velvet Flatforms Black from Missguided sell for $52.50, are on sale currently for $22, and look almost identical. They have the same velvet finish and ribbed platform you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference and would be saving $163.50!


I hope these dupes have saved all you savvy shoppers some money!

Leah x


Note: All prices are in AUD

Slip Dress

Happy New Years everyone! I’ve had a little break over the past few weeks but I’m back and ready for 2017. So here is my first outfit post of 2017!

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Dress: Princess Polly | Top: Topshop | Jacket: Zara (Italy) | Boots: Zara (Italy) | Bag: Poppy Lissiman | Pom Pom: Furla | Choker: Camberwell Market

I’m loving the slip dress 90’s revival that’s happening right now! They are perfect on their own or layered (as I like to wear them) for a night out. And you can also style it with sneakers and a looser t-shirt under it for a more casual look – I just love how versatile they are!

21 Things I’ve Learnt By 21

To celebrate my 21st birthday I thought that I would put together a few things that I have learnt along the way. Enjoy!

  1. Make big moves, even if it seems scary at the time – it might be hard to change something in your life but you’ll thank yourself later for taking the step
  2. Write lists and dates in diary – it’ll quieten the mind without having to think about a million things
  3. Sometimes it helps to write things out – when you get overwhelmed with life things, write down how you feel, it can help a lot
  4. Tell someone when they do something that bothers you – don’t just keep it inside or make excuses for them
  5. You don’t have to deal with everything yourself – this is one I struggled to learn and still struggle with. I always think that I can sort things out by myself and have learnt that it’s ok to let people know you’re struggling with something
  6. You can only control your own actions, let others make their own mistakes
  7. Be mindful of what you say – you never know what someone is going through and you might regret saying something in the heat of the moment
  8. Some people aren’t worth your energy, sometimes you need to walk away no matter how much you want to say something
  9. Accept constructive criticism – don’t take it personally, it will only help you grow
  10. Always be open to new experiences
  11. Don’t say it’s ok when it’s not – it’ll let people know that what they did to you was fine (just thank them for apologising)
  12. Travel and study overseas
  13. Don’t accept double standards
  14. Don’t rely on others to determine your own happiness, confidence or self worth
  15. Do what makes you happy even if others might not think it’s the right thing to do
  16. Don’t stay with someone just for the sake of being with someone/not being alone
  17. Be completely comfortable with yourself before beginning a relationship – be with someone only to add to your life, not complete you
  18. Positive thinking is so important – it can change your life
  19. Surround yourself with people that encourage your natural self and support you
  20. Stand your ground, even if it is with someone ‘above’ you eg. teachers, bosses
  21. Enjoy the now, don’t just plan for the future

I have so much more to learn and experience – I can’t wait for what comes next!

Leah x